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Glad you stopped by! Join me as we search the world over for great barbecue and grilled delicacies.

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After 25 years in the construction business, the spiraling economic decline forced me to abandon the industry. This was my chance to finally pursue my passion for barbecue.

While traveling the barbecue circuit as a certified barbecue judge, I compiled my recipes, tips and techniques and created and as well as this blog. I also write the Chicago barbecue column for the Examiner.

When I'm not cooking barbecue, I'm eating it. When I'm not cooking or eating barbecue, I'm judging it. When I'm doing none of that, I write about it.

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I love a good Italian beef and only in Chicago can you get a good one. Let’s see where Kevin’s sending me for tomorrow’s lunch.


The Great Chicago Italian Beef Hunt

To fully appreciate the Italian beef, a deep dive was in order. Five days and 16 sandwiches later, my pores dripped beef jus, my tongue permanently slicked with hot pepper oil. The expedition yielded a number of observations.

Our food reporter Kevin Pang rated 16 of Chicago’s Italian beef sandwiches.